How to identify genuine leather labels?

  • Genuine leather labels Feel smooth, soft and flexible
  • There are pores on the surface of genuine leather labels and irregular fiber on the back.
  • The genuine leather labels have the smell of leather.
  • Genuine leather labels have good water absorbability.

What is the function of leather labels?

  • Using on the garments, shoes, hats, or bags for decoration, leather labels make the products more beautiful, and also reflect their styles.
  • Leather labels can link different parts of the product, such as leather zipper puller.
  • Leather labels with logos play an annotation role for the brand of the garments, shoes, hats, and bags, etc.

How to produce leather labels?

  • step1. Order the leather material from the leather factory according to the customer’s needs on thickness, color, technics of the leather labels, which needs about 10days.
  • step2. Meanwhile, make mold according to customer’s leather labels artwork, which needs about 7days.
  • step3. Start stamping and making leather labels once both leather meaterial and mold are prepared.
  • step4. Post processing: fix the customized embroidery or metal trims like rivit onto the leather labels.
  • step5. Quality control: screen then discard the unqualified products of leather labels.
  • step6. Packaging: check leather labels’s quantity and be ready for shipment.

How to order your custom leather labels?

  • Contact us by email at [email protected] and send us the artwork of leather labels which should be AI or PDF files. And also advise the size, quantity, and material (genuine leather, imitation leather/PU or micro-fiber, etc.).
  • We reply to the customer with the quotation, lead time and payment terms, etc.
  • Confirm the order and the customer pay the payment.
  • We proceed with the leather labels once receive the payment.
  • Once finish the bulk, we check the quantity and quality for packing and shipment.
  • Feedback and comments once the customer receives the leather labels. If have any suggestion on our service or leather labels, our after-sales department will contact you to help to deal with it properly.

What kind of techniques can be used for leather labels?

The craftsmanship of leather labels mainly includes electrothermal pressing, gold/silver hot-pressing, screen printing, laser-carving, embossing, engraving, logo debossing, embroidering, etc.

Many brands highlight the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, making it easier for consumers to notice their leather labels and remember their brands.

What is leather label?

Leather labels are mainly sewn on the fabric or jeans’ waist for clothing, whose materials include genuine(real) leather, faux leather, Suede leather, etc. We supply high-quality custom leather labels&leather patches by printing, embossing, or gold/silver hot stamping. It can replace the traditional cloth label. Your logo, text, picture, patterns can put on the leather material by various processes.

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