PU artificial leather for brands

PU artificial leather is polyurethane with soft and wear-resistant features, it and PU synthetic leather both belong to artificial leather for fashion brands. In China, people are accustomed to using PU resin as raw materials to produce artificial leather called PU artificial leather(PU leather for short). It is almost equal to the natural leather on the market. It is usually used to make shoes, clothes, bags, decorations, and so on.

In daily life, PU artificial leather and noble seem to have the same meaning. A pair of high-end PU leather not only depends on its brand, style, and craftsmanship. But more importantly, the beauty of natural PU leather products. In terms of leather sales target, PU artificial leather is far more than others. Similarly, it is ideal for the application of leather labels for clothing. And because it is a natural product with limited sources, so it is more expensive. It is used to a certain extent. It can satisfy people’s pursuit of natural leather.

Advantages of PU artificial leather

First, we all know that natural leather is no different from animal fur. Therefore, some rare animal leather resources are in short supply according to the law. And people who like this kind of clothing can choose PU material. Thus, PU artificial leather can reduce damage and save money.

At present, the technology of artificial leather has reached a relatively mature development stage. It can replace natural leather; the shape can be almost the same. PU artificial leather is softer and more wear-resistant than natural leather. Meanwhile, it is easier to take care of. It is breathable and warm. Especially when it is made into clothes, it is more comfortable to wear. And compared with real leather, its cost is cheaper.

Images of PU artificial leather

How to clean PU artificial leather?

  • Wash with water and detergent, avoid gasoline scrubbing;
  • It cannot be dry-cleaned;
  • We can only wash it. The washing temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees;
  • We need to wash it with water and detergent, avoid gasoline scrubbing;

Based on the above points, I think everyone has their own judgment. At present, people’s demand for artificial leather is large. To a certain extent, PU artificial leather is better than natural leather.

What is leather label?

Leather labels are mainly sewn on the fabric or jeans’ waist for clothing, whose materials include genuine(real) leather, faux leather, Suede leather, etc. We supply high-quality custom leather labels&leather patches by printing, embossing, or gold/silver hot stamping. It can replace the traditional cloth label. Your logo, text, picture, patterns can put on the leather material by various processes.

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