What does natural leather include?

Clothing leather is mainly clothing leather and shoe leather, with pig, sheep, cow, horse, and deer skins as the main raw materials. It has a long history of being used as clothing material after being matured by tannic tannin tanning or chrome tanning with potassium dichromate.

In addition, fish leather and reptile leather are also used in the processing of decorative leather for clothing and bags. The classification of various clothing leather is as follows.

Cow leather

The structural feature of cow leather is that the fibers in the dermal tissue are interlaced vertically or slightly inclined into a net-like interlacing, solid and dense. Therefore, it is strong, wear-resistant and resistant to folding. The grain pores are fine, dispersed and even. The surface is flat and smooth. After polishing, the brightness is high, and the air permeability is good. It is an excellent clothing material. It is commonly used in bag materials, sports jackets, shoes and leather bags.

Pig leather

The structural feature of pigskin is that the dermal tissue is relatively rough and irregular. The hair roots are deep and pass through the skin layer to the fat layer. Therefore, the leather has voids in the pores, and the air permeability is better than that of cowhide, but the leather is rough and less elastic. It is mainly used in the shoe industry.

Goat leather

The skin is thinner and the fibrous cortex of the dermis layer is thinner. There are more parallel arrangements on the surface and tighter organization. So the surface has a strong gloss, and is breathable, flexible and firm. The grain pores are oblate and extend into the leather obliquely. The rough grains are convex upwards. Several pores are arranged in a group like fish scales. It is used to make coats, blazers, etc.

Sheep leather

Sheep leather is characterized by thin skin and tightly interwoven fiber bundles in the leather. The finished leather feels smooth and has good extensibility and elasticity, but its strength is slightly worse. It is widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, backpacks, etc.

Horse leather

Horse leather is slightly thicker than cow leather, especially the back leather is dense and firm, which can be used to make shoes. The pores are slightly larger and oval, extending diagonally into the leather to form a wave-shaped arrangement. Horse leather is less used in clothing.

In addition, deer leather, snake leather, crocodile leather is often used in clothing clothing and decorative appliances on the application.

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