The role of leather label in jeans

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We always have some doubts when we wear jeans, such as the design of the trouser pockets, what is the role of the leather label on the back waist of the jeans?

There are always some very elaborate designs on the back waist of jeans. What do we always think is the existence of the leather label on the back waist of jeans? You have to believe that every accessory in jeans will have its own meaning. The reason for this existence will make the design of jeans show its real effect and effect, and let the jeans play real effect and effect.

For Decoration

The leather label is usually printed with the unique logo of the brand so that everyone can see the brand name at a glance. And some boys have a strong sense of design on the leather label, which can not only promote the brand but also improve the quality.

Utility function

The existence of the leather label is more able to fix the jeans, so that the jeans can be worn steadily. The leather tag can be used with the belt to fix the pants, which acts as a tie, and it will not fall off easily for other fine buckles, so it is more practical.

Distinguish genuine or fake

To judge whether the jeans are genuine or fake through the leather label on the back waist, you must know that the big brands will be meticulous, and the pursuit of details is extremely rigorous and meticulous. Their choice of materials is very demanding.

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